Naturally ripen Authentic Nuzvid Mango is for those who relish naturally ripened mangoes. It's an attempt to fill gap between the farmer and the consumer.

We know you miss the taste of naturally ripened mango so we bring to you world famous Nuzveedu farm fresh mangoes, direct from our farm to your home without any middleman, Who adds calcium carbide to accelerate ripening process which is actually harmful for your health. Now You can enjoy your mango without worrying about your health. Now no more artificial ripen mangoes when you can choose Nuzveedu Farm fresh mangoes which is just a click away from you!

We deliver hand picked Farm Fresh Pesticide free, carbide free mangoes direct from our farm to your home. So when you order mango on rest assure that you are getting export quality mangoes, because we follow the procedure used for export purpose but instead of exporting we sell in India only.

Why choose Us

Direct from Farmer

We have our own mango farm in Nuzveedu(Andhra Pradesh) . We care for your health so we produce pesticide free mangoes.

Nuzveedu authentic Mango

When you buy from us you can be sure of getting authentic and world famous Nuzveedu mangoes and not the cheaper chemical mixed mangoes.

Fair and ethical

We sell our own farm fresh mangoes which are naturally ripen, we do not use any Calcium Carbide or any other chemicals to ripen the mangoes.

safe and healthy

Buying from us removes the middle man who for more profit supply artificially ripened mangoes using chemicals, which is harmful for your health.


  • testimonial

    " super'b mangoes. Their mangoes are great. "

  • testimonial

    " super'b mangoes. Their mangoes are great. " "

  • testimonial

    "I am happy that they are going online, now people can enjoy great Nuzveedu mangoes at your door step!! Its really a great innovative idea.. "

  • testimonial

    " Great news for all the mango lover now authentic Organic Mangoes are available for home delivery. You can order online "