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  • A huge variety of Organic and Farm Fresh Nuzvid Mangoes.
    Get our farm fresh naturally ripened mangoes.
  • Organic
    Farm Fresh Mangoes
    Browse our pages for naturally ripened Organic and Farm Fresh products. Get healthier each day.
    Farm Fresh Mangoes
  • A huge variety of Organic and Farm Fresh Nuzveedu Mangoes.
    Get our farm fresh naturally ripened mangoes.

Nuzveedu Mangoes

Nuzveedumangoes.com is for those who relish naturally ripened mangoes. It's an attempt to fill gap between the farmer and the consumer.
We know you miss the taste of naturally ripened mango so we bring to you world famous Nuzveedu farm fresh mangoes, direct from our farm to your home without any middleman, Who adds calcium carbide to accelerate ripening process which is actually harmful for your health. Now You can enjoy your mango without worrying about your health. Now no more artificial ripen mangoes when you can choose Nuzveedu Farm fresh mangoes which is just a click away from you! to maintain your and your family’s health.



It is considered as one of the best dessert mangoes in the country. This mango is sweet and aromatic and most importantly without any scar or dot on it..


Chinna rasalu

Rasalu mangoes are specially used for pickle, called Avakaya in Telugu, when green and raw. Once ripe they are very juicy and sweet. .


Cheruku rasalu

Known for being one of the sweetest varieties, this mango will surely appease anyone with a sweet tooth..


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